Afro Europe 2020 Updates

April 9, 2020


Our AFRO Europe tour has been re-scheduled for June 20-July 1, 2021 at the current rate for existing guests. Final payment has been extended until April 15, 2021

March 23, 2020

GA European Explorers!

I just received this message from our tour operator.

Please stay tuned for further announcements/additional information.


Good morning Erica,

I am writing with some news regarding your June Custom tour. This is in the process of being made public, but I’ve been informed we are officially cancelling worldwide Globus family of brands tours until the end of June. Unfortunately, that affects our Afro Europe tour :-(

There were many factors going into this decision, but a large influence was the amount of uncertainty passengers are currently feeling due to nationwide and worldwide closures. Our company decided it would give better peace of mind to all involved if a concrete decision was made, instead of continuing the “what-if” conversations.

This being said, I am awaiting more news on exactly what this policy will look like, and what we can offer as alternatives for your tour. However, as soon as I have word I will connect with you. Just wanted you to know you are on top of my mind, and wanted you to hear it from me instead of an automated email.

I’ll be back in touch soon!


Custom Tour Operations

March 20, 2020

Both Air France and our Tour Operator (Globus) have announced they are now allowing penalty free rescheduling of tours scheduled to travel from now to May 31, 2020. June tours should be allowed to do so very soon.

Thanks for hanging in there...we should have definitive news (regarding re-scheduling for 2021) very soon!!!

Travel Information: COVID-19 Update - March 14, 2020


Dear AFRO Explorer:


We understand the gravity of the health crisis affecting our nation and world and are closely monitoring the US State Department, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization’s statements regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). As always, your wellbeing is of paramount importance.


Our thoughts and prayers are with those directly and indirectly impacted by this world pandemic. While these events are unsettling to all I encourage you to engage in self-care and maintain a positive outlook. This too shall pass, and life will return to normalcy.


I know many of you have questions regarding the future of our tour. While conditions around the world/advisories are constantly changing and there are still many unknowns at this time, I would like to provide additional information that will hopefully address some of your concerns. Please know that I understand the lack of an absolute answer as to the future of our tour is concerning. However, please understand that I/we are subject to the guidelines/regulations and terms and conditions of our tour operator (Globus) and airlines and world events.  At this time, we must remain patient and flexible.


Below, please find answers to frequently asked questions:

  • Is our tour still taking place as scheduled?

This is still to be determined. At this time our plans remain the same, however we will modify as necessary.  World events and advisories are frequently changing and updating. At this time patience and flexibility is a necessity.

  • Can we re-schedule the tour?

This option has been explored. Our tour operator’s current focus is on tours that commence within the next 30 days.  As such, we will need to wait on their directive before investigating the possibility of re-scheduling.  The future of our travel is totally dependent upon world conditions and the policies of the companies we are partnering with.  As you know developments are RAPIDLY occurring. As always, I will keep you abreast of any changes that impact our travel. 

  • The Government is encouraging American’s to reconsider travel. Why can’t we take action now?

As stated above, our travel plans are contingent upon the directive and policy of our tour operator and airline. The European office (which handles all logistics) is focusing on servicing guests booked on tours taking place within the next few weeks. Our tour is over 90 days away and right now we are in a “holding pattern” awaiting future announcements.  I do understand this is unsettling and hope to have a resolve very soon.

  • Should I continue to send payments?

Yes, as we will continue as planned until we receive word otherwise.

  • Is the due date still April 15, 2020?

Yes, we will continue to meet timelines unless directed otherwise.

  • Can I receive a refund now?

Should you wish to cancel at this time you may receive a refund of all monies paid MINUS insurance, airfare and deposit.

  • Can I file an insurance claim to get a refund?

You may exercise your right to cancel and file a claim with the insurance company at this time.: canceling your reservation will absolve from all financial liability concerning your reservation. Also, please note all insurance claim determinations are at the sole discretion of the insurance company. . If your claim is denied, you will have no further recourse and will forfeit all monies paid unless the airline or tour operator chooses to personally reimburse you.


  • If we re-schedule and the new dates do not work for me, can I receive a refund? 

This will be determined by our tour operator and airline.   Please bear in mind that this situation is unrepresented and companies, airlines, tour operators are working diligently to keep everyone safe.

  • When do you think the tour operator/airline will make a decision concerning cancellation or re-scheduling?

This is unknown. Their current focus is assisting guests who are traveling within the next few weeks.  They too are dependent upon world events and political decisions to guide their decisions. Again, we must wait until they provide directive before moving forward.

  • Will I be quarantined or denied entry into the United States?

There is a LOT of information regarding COVID-19 circulating in the media and internet.  Unfortunately, some of it is erroneous.  Please refer to the US Department of State website for accurate and up to date information.  

  • What are my options at this time?

    • Wait until a final decision is reached (estimated by April 30, 2020)

    • Transfer your monies (minus insurance and airfare) to another escorted tour vacation in 2020 or 2021.

    • Cancel and file an insurance claim for possible reimbursement

    • Cancel now and receive a refund of all monies paid MINUS insurance, airfare and deposit.


I thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate through these difficult times. As always, I remain at your service for additional information/questions/concerns/clarification.




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