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You have a faithful customer for life! ...All tour suggestions made such a tremendous impact on the trip and I'm so grateful.  

Thank you again,

All the best!


January 2019

Hi Erica,


Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into organizing my 40th Birthday Trip!  It was absolutely amazing!!!  They fulfilled all of my desires for my bday including playing "Grown Woman" by Beyonce!  I couldn't have asked for a more memorable celebration.  Everyone enjoyed the beautiful resort and the excellent service.  Paradisus truly was an example of Paradise on Earth! 

Take Care,



January 2019

Hi Erica aka CruzDiva,

YOU ROCK!! Talk about a trip of a lifetime! I could not have asked for a better planned, and very well organized vacation! 

Can I just sum this email up with my trip was: Breathtaking, Memorable, Enjoyable, and Awesome!!!


Thanks Erica, I am glad we chose you for our travel agent, and glad you plugged us up with Globus -- Awesome!!!!

I can't wait for our next adventures with Integrity World Travel!  (Please feel free to share this email with others)


Thanks to You, and my Sweet Husband,  I can now say I am a "world traveler" -- Gail



The trip to London/Paris was "the bomb."  I thoroughly enjoyed everything. Merci beaucoup, vous etes suis très heureux.

Rev. Nancy

Erica I'm speechless!...I can't thank you enough for all your hard work on mak[ing] our first event a success. I look forward to planning the next one with you... SB





















Hello Erica,


While this email comes to you way too late, I want you to know our family had the vacation of a lifetime. It was awesome!!!!  When anyone at work asks about my summer, I get a warm feeling remembering how much we enjoyed ourselves. 


Thank you so very much!!!


Love and peace


Hi  Sister Erica,

The cruise was positively fantastic.  The experience was mind blowing.


Everything went well and I truly enjoyed my cruise.  Looking forward to many other trips setup by you.  I appreciate the way you handle your travelers.  No problems and no confusion.  A lot to be said in this day and time.



We really appreciate the time and effort that you put in this trip! Amazingly fun and informative week!! Thank you very much!!! - GH, Clinton, MD